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Vertical Drilling

Our higly skilled engieneering team with 40 years of experience in the drilling industry, supports your operations by continuosly optimizing the drilling fluid properties. All based on testing and monitoring by our field engineers to match your requierments and KPIs. The team of field mud engineers is backed up by our tech professional team in the office, 24/7, who all have decades of proven succes in their trade and are highly motivated to push your operations to the next level.

Horizontal Drilling

The DFS expert HDD engineering team with over 30 years experience in the industry, supports your HDD and Microtunnelling projects with fluid engineering on site. Specific developed mud products as well as mixing and recycling equipment will excell your performance. We get involved in the planing stage to design the right " fluid aproach " from start in order to avoid problems rather than managing them.

Engineering and Equipment

With over 25 years experience in design and manufacture of fluid related equipment like shale shakers, modular solid control units (recycling units ) and mixng units, DFS is your compentent partner, when it comes to mud processing. We ofer a full range of shakers from 2 panel single deck linear motion shakers. Our mixng units range from 2000l to 25000l capacity. Our recycling units can process from 400 l/min to 4000 l/min. We also design units for your very specific rig needs.

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